Chance Pop Session

Chance: Triangle Session (チャンス トライアングルセッション ), also known as Chance: Pop Session, is a 2001 anime produced by Madhouse studios. The series aired from May 21 to August 27, 2001 and ran for 13 episodes. Three young girls—Akari, Yuki, and Nozomi—meet at a concert and set out to follow in the footsteps of their idol, Reika, and become music stars. They enroll in the prestigious music school that produced Reika and are placed in the “S class” due to their potential.

This anime is based on a 1999 radio drama about three very different girls: Akari, Yuki and Nozomi; going to see the concert of top pop idol Reika and by going to see this concert their lives are greatly influenced by it. Akari was raised in a very religious background, she is bright and cheerful and a big Reika fan. Yuki is an independent girl who ran away from her home in Hakodate. She is working in the concert hall of Reika’s performance. Nozomi is the daughter from a wealthy family in Kobe. She’s got one of the VIP seats at the concert. The three girls are so inspired by Reika’s performance, that they all enroll in the Akiba music school and endeavor to become pop idols themselves.

[Jun 20, 2001] OP & ED: Pure Blue / Love Forever
[Jul 25, 2001] Chance Triangle Session Character Song Akari Mizushima
[Jul 25, 2001] Chance Triangle Session Character Song Yuki Aoyama
[Jul 25, 2001] Chance Triangle Session Character Song Nozomi Kaibara
[Oct 03, 2001] Chance Triangle Session Vocal Album: Utahime -DIVA-
[Nov 07, 2001] Chance Triangle Session Original Soundtrack
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