Chaos;Head (4 CD)

Chaos;Head (カオスヘッド), stylized as ChäoS;HEAd, is a Japanese visual novel developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus that was released on April 25, 2008 for Windows. The game is the first in 5pb.’s Science Adventure series, and is described by the development team as a “Delusional Science NVL” (妄想科学NVL). The anime adaptation of Chaos;Head by Madhouse aired in Japan between October 9, 2008 and December 25, 2008.

Shibuya, Japan, 2008. Takumi Nishijou, a high school student at the Private Suimei Academy, one day hears about the ‘New Gen’ murders that have been occurring around the city. Although dismissing the subject because it doesn’t involve him, Takumi begins to experience strange mishaps around him, from a horrific picture he received while on his PC, to a mysterious Pink-Haired girl standing at a murder scene. From there on Takumi struggles to cope with the events unfolding around him, and is soon unaware of what is real or a delusion. As his fate opens up before him, the perpetrator behind the ‘New Gen’ events attempts to find him, leading him into a world where nothing is as it seems.[sociallocker]
Opening Theme: “F.D.D” by Kanako Ito [Single w/scans]
Ending Theme: ”Super Special” by Kagami Seira [Single w/scans]
Insert Song: Haritsuke no Missa – Phantasm (FES cv. Yui Sakakibara) [Single w/scans]
Sound track of CHAOS;HEAD the animation (320kbps)[/sociallocker]

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