Coala Mode. -Discography-

Coala Mode. (コアラモード.) is a Japanese pop unit formed in 2013. They are signed to music label Ariola Japan.

Annyu (あんにゅ) – vocals, acoustic guitar
Obata Yasuhiro (小幡康裕) – keyboard, guitar, drums, programming

[2015.02.18] Rainbow Symphony
[2015.07.08] Dan Dan Dan

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    WORKING’!!ラジオCD「出張版 YAMAKING´!!」 Catalog Number ANZX-9972 Release Date Mar 21, 2012 特典CD:ラジオCD「出張版 YAMAKING´!!」 (パーソナリティ:広橋涼  ゲスト:阿澄佳奈、藤田咲) 31 total views, 5 views today

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