Code-E (4 CD)

Code-E is a Japanese anime television series animated by Studio Deen. It is based on an original concept by Ichiro Sakaki and directed by Toshiyuki Katō. The first season consists of twelve episodes and first aired in Japan from July 3, 2007 to September 23, 2007. A second season titled Mission-E aired between July 7, 2008 and September 22, 2008. Chinami Ebihara is girl with a strange ability to generate electromagnetic waves when her emotions run high. However, since this “ability” affects anything electrical, it resulted in her having to transfer from school to school when she was younger. As Chinami, now 18 years of age, transfers to a new school, she once again affects the electronic devices in the school, but this time, when another student, Kotaro Kannagi, sees her do this, he becomes obsessed in studying her “TYPE-E” ability.[sociallocker]
1st Season: CODE-E
Opening Theme: “E☆Scandal” by Caoli Cano
Ending Theme: “Kimi Kara no Kiseki” by Caoli Cano
2nd Season: Mission-E
Opening Theme: E☆Secrets” by ZOOM FLICKER
Ending Theme: “Feel so Easy!” by Momoi Haruko [Single]
Music Mission! CODE-E & Mission-E Sound collection
Disc 1: Acoustican / Disc 2: Electrican (w/scans)
Character Song: Koi wa BiriBiri Sensation[/sociallocker]

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