Corrector Yui

Corrector Yui (コレクターユイ) is a magical girl anime series created by Kia Asamiya. The anime series was produced by Nippon Animation. Broadcast on NHK from 1999 to 2000. This series follows a basic magical-girl progression, and falls into many of the magical girl tropes common in the late nineties.[citation needed] The series is innovative amongst magical girl series in that Yui’s powers all derive from not just the technology she uses, but are incorporated entirely into her on-line avatar, with no real powers granted outside of the network.

[May 12, 1999] OP1: Kyouko – Eien to Iu Basho
[June 02, 1999] LEGOLGEL – Mirai (未来; Future)
[May 10, 2000] OP2&ED2: Requiem / Tori ni naru Toki
[Jul 14, 1999] Corrector Yui Soundtrack: FOLDER 1
[Oct 01, 1999] Corrector Yui Soundtrack: FOLDER 2
[Jul 26, 2000] Corrector Yui Soundtrack: FOLDER 3

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