Criticrista – Hanate! Dododon!

TV Anime “SHOW BY ROCK!!#” Insert Song
放て! どどどーん! / クリティクリスタ
Catalog Number PCCG-70331
Release Date Oct 19, 2016

01 放て! どどどーん!
02 Colorful Snow Drop
03 放て! どどどーん! (Instrumental)
04 Colorful Snow Drop (Instrumental)
File Size: 40 MB (320kbps)

Gt & Vo: Rosier (CV: Rina Hidaka)
Key & Vo: Tsukino (CV: Ai Kayano)
Ba & Vo: Holmy (CV: Hiromi Igarashi)
Dr & Vo: Jaclyn (CV: Rie Murakawa)

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