Crush Gear (5 CD)

Crush Gear (激闘!クラッシュギア, Gekitou! Crush Gear) is an anime and manga series. The anime series, produced by Sunrise, spanned 68 episodes, aired across Japan on the anime television network Animax, from October 7, 2001 to January 26, 2003. It was followed on by a sequel, Crush Gear Nitro, which has also been aired across Japan by Animax. Crush Gear Turbo was about people who threw mechanical vehicles into a large ring to fight and “crush” each other.
The story revolves around Kouya Marino, a 5th Grade boy who loves Gear Fighting. His brother Yuhya happens to be an Asia Cup Gear Fighter Champion and is qualified in the World Cup tournament before he died four years ago because of an accident. Kouya’s skills are nowhere near his brother’s. He is nearly disqualified after arriving late for an elimination match in the Tobita Club. In addition, most of the team members shift into the Manganji Club – a team that is created by one of the club members Takeshi Manganji – causing his big brother’s Crush Gear Club faces the threat of extinction from the rival team. Refusing to give up, Kouya offers up a challenge to Takeshi. At first, he use the Garuda Eagle from his late brother, Yuhya Marino but it was destroyed in the middle of the Butokan Cup. Then his clubmate Kyosuke Jinn created Garuda Phoenix for him and Kouya use it throughout the Gear Fighting. Kouya has to find a way to reinstate the club back to its former glory before the club and Yuhya’s reputation as well.[sociallocker]
Opening Theme: “CRUSH GEAR FIGHT!!” by JAM Project [OP&ED Theme Single]
Ending Theme: “Ai da yo ne!!~Gear wo tsnagou” by JAM Project
Insert Song: Kaze no Eagle – JAM Project [Single]
Crush Gear Turbo Original Soundtrack (320kbps) [Vol. 1 / Vol. 2]
Crush Gear Turbo: Kaizabaan no Chousen
Ending Theme: “Alright Now! (Movie Re-mix Ver.)” by JAM Project [Single][/sociallocker]

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