D-Frag! (12 CD)

D-Frag! (ディーふらぐ!), also known as D-Fragments, is a comedic manga series by Tomoya Haruno. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Brain’s Base aired from January 6, 2014 to March 24, 2014. The story focuses on a semi-connected series of sketches as delinquent student Kenji Kazama is forced into joining his school’s struggling “Game Creation Club” by its members, a quartet of crazy women with their own eccentricities that drive him crazy. As he attempts to distance himself from the club, the more he seems to run into not only his fellow club members, but others from his school who drive him insane to different degrees.
Kazama Kenji likes to believe he is something of a delinquent. Moreover, others seem to like to agree that he is. Of course, Kenji’s gang finds their way to a group of four not-so-normal girls—Chitose, Sakura, Minami and Roka—and all at once, whatever reputation he may have is nothing compared to the outrageous behavior of the girls. Shanghaied into joining their club, what will happen to his everyday life from that point on?[sociallocker]
[Feb 26, 2014] IOSYS jk Girls – Stalemate! (OP)
[Mar 05, 2014] Minna no Namae wo Irete Kudasai (ED)
[Mar 05, 2014] D-FRAG OP/ED Linked Purchase Bonus CD
[Mar 26, 2014] D-Frag Drama CD MADOUSON ONLINE
[Mar 26, 2014] D-Frag Vol.1 Bonus CD
[Apr 25, 2014] D-Frag Drama CD ~Gichigichi na Futari!?~
[Apr 25, 2014] D-Frag Vol.2 Bonus CD
[May 28, 2014] D-Frag Vol.3 Bonus CD
[Jun 25, 2014] D-Frag Vol.4 Bonus CD
[Jul 30, 2014] D-Frag Vol.5 Bonus CD
[Aug 27, 2014] D-Frag Vol.6 Bonus CD
[Jan 14, 2015] D-Frag Drama CD ~Shiritsu Madouson Gakuen Tokimeki Memories~[/sociallocker]

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