D.Gray-man (ディー・グレイマン) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. The series tells the story of a boy named Allen Walker, a member of an organization of Exorcists who make use of an ancient substance called Innocence to combat the Millennium Earl and his demonic army of Akuma. Many characters and their designs were adapted from some of Katsura Hoshino’s previous works and drafts, such as Zone. The manga began serialization in 2004 in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, published by Shueisha. It made the transition from a weekly to a monthly series in November 2009, when it began serialization in Jump SQ until December 29, 2012, where the series went on an indefinite hiatus. The series began serialization again on July 17, 2015 in a spin-off magazine of Jump Square, Jump SQ.Crown. There is also a spin-off novel series titled D.Gray-man Reverse, authored by Kaya Kizaki, that explores the history of various characters. The manga has also been adapted into a 103-episode anime series that aired from October 3, 2006 to September 30, 2008 in Japan. A new anime series has been announced to be aired in 2016; the series creator has confirmed that it will continue from where the original anime left off, rather than rebooting. The manga series has become one of the best-sellers for Shueisha, with over 20 million copies sold. Both in Japan and in North America several individual volumes have been featured in weekly top ten lists of best-selling manga.

Opening Theme
#1: “INNOCENT SORROW” by abingdon boys school (eps 1-25)
#2: “Brightdown” by Tamaki Nami (eps 26-51)
#3: “Doubt & Trust” by access (eps 52-76)
#4: “Gekidou” by UVERworld (eps 77-103)
Ending Theme
#1: “Snow Kiss” by NIRGILIS (eps 1-13)
#2: “Pride of Tomorrow” by JUNE (eps 14-25)
#3: “Yume no Tsuduki e” by surface (eps 26-38)
#4: “Antoinette Blue” by Kitade Nana (eps 39-51)
#5: “Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu” by Rie fu (eps 52-64)
#6: “Wish” by Sowelu (eps 65-76)
#7: “Regret” by Hoshimura Mai (eps 77-89)
#8: “Changin’” by Stephanie (eps 90-103)

[2006/11/22] SNOW KISS – NIRGILIS
[2006/12/06] INNOCENT SORROW – abingdon boys school
[2007/03/07] Pride of Tomorrow – JUNE
[2007/03/21] D.Gray-man OST 1 (by Kaoru Wada)
[2007/05/09] Yume no Tsuduki he – surface
[2007/08/29] Brightdown – Tamaki Nami
[2007/09/05] Antoinette Blue – Kitade Nana
[2007/10/24] Anata ga Koko ni iru Riyuu – Rie fu
[2007/10/31] Doubt Trust – access
[2007/12/19] D.Gray-man OST 2 (by Kaoru Wada)
[2008/03/12] Wish – Sowelu
[2008/06/04] regret – Hoshimura Mai
[2008/06/11] Gekidou – UVERworld
[2008/07/23] Changin’ – Stephanie
[2008/09/24] D.Gray-man COMPLETE BEST
[2008/12/17] D.Gray-man OST 3 (by Kaoru Wada)
[2009/01/14] D.Gray-man Extra Soundtrack

D.Gray-Man Hallow
[2016/08/03] Mashiro Ayano – Lotus Pain
[2016/08/31] Lenny code fiction – Key -bring it on, my Destiny-
[2016/09/28] D.Gray-Man Hallow Original Soundtrack

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