Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka


Commonly known as the “Dungeon,” the city of Orario possesses a huge labyrinth in the underground. Its strange name attracts excitement, illusions of honor, and hopes of romance with a pretty girl. In this city of dreams and desires, new adventurer Bell Cranel has his fateful encounter with the tiny Goddess Hestia. Thus begins the story of a boy striving to become the best adventurer and a lonely goddess searching for followers both hoping to reach their goals and perhaps have some romance on the side.

[Apr 29, 2015] Wakeshima Kanon – RIGHT LIGHT RISE
[Apr 29, 2015] Iguchi Yuka – Hey World
[Jun 24, 2015] OST 1
[Jul 29, 2015] Danmachi Character Song CD Vol. 1
[Aug 26, 2015] Audio Drama CD Vol. 1
[Sep 30, 2015] OST 2
[Oct 28, 2015] Character Song CD Vol. 2
[Nov 25, 2015] Audio Drama CD Vol. 2
[Dec 18, 2015] Danmachi Duet Character Song CD
[Dec 07, 2016] Character Songs Hestia (OVA ED)

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