Days (デイズ) is slice of life comedy sports shounen manga series written and illustrated by Tsuyoshi Yasuda. The manga won Best Shounen Manga at the 40th Kodansha Manga Awards. he series is about two boys named Tsukushi and Jin. Tsukushi is a boy with no special talent or traits while Jin is considered a soccer genius. On one stormy night, Jin meets Tsukushi, and they get dragged into the world of soccer.

[Aug 03, 2016] Seiseki High School Soccer Club – EVERLASTING DAYS
[Aug 03, 2016] HOWL BE QUIET – Wake We Up
[Sep 07, 2016] Character Song Vol. 1 Tsukushi Tsukamoto
[Sep 07, 2016] Character Song Vol. 2 Jin Kazama
[Oct 05, 2016] Character Song Vol. 3 Hisahito Mizuki
[Nov 16, 2016] Character Song Vol. 4 Jin Kazama
[Nov 16, 2016] Character Song Vol. 5 Kiichi Oshiba
[Nov 16, 2016] DAYS OST
[Dec 07, 2016] DAYS / Shout it Out
[Dec 14, 2016] HOWL BE QUIET – Higher Climber


      Catalog Number 1000614114 Release Date Jul 27, 2016 Composed by Takafumi Wada 01 テラフォーマーズ リベンジ メインテーマ 6:48 02 テラフォーマーズ リベンジ […]

    • Zettai Karen Children Character CD Shiho Sannomiya

      Zettai Karen Children Character CD 3rd Session Shiho Sannomiya starring Haruka Tomatsu 絶対可憐チルドレン キャラクターCD 3rd session 三宮紫穂 starring 戸松遥 Catalog […]

    • The Ivory Brothers – Enkei

      The Ivory Brothers’s 2nd single used as ED theme Kiseki no Tobira TV no Chikara (奇跡の扉 TVのチカラ). Release Date February […]

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      月面兎兵器ミーナ キャラクターコレクション 1 Release Date March 07, 2007 Catalog No. SVWC-7444 Tracklist 1. 微笑みのsoldier/伊藤静 2. ルルル・ミラクル・クルdo! (MP3, 320kbps) Report / […]

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