DEEN -Hitori Janai

“Hitori Janai” (ひとりじゃない, lit. “I’m Not Alone”) is the ninth single by the Japanese band Deen. It is used as the first ending song for the anime series Dragon Ball GT It was released on Mini CD on April 1, 1996, in Japan only and peaked at number 3 on the Oricon chart. It is coupled with the song “Sunday”. The song was used for the first 26 episodes of the series. An instrumental version of the song was used in the credits of the Blue Water dub of Dragon Ball GT.
Released April 1, 1996
Format Mini CD (JBDJ-1015)

Track listing
All songs were written by Shuichi Ikemori
1. Hitori ja Nai(ひとりじゃない)
composer: Tetsurō Oda/arranger: Hirohito Furui
2. Nichiyoubi(日曜日)
composer: Shuichi Ikemori/arranger: Daisuke Ikeda
3. Hitori ja Nai(ひとりじゃない) (Karaoke)
4. Nichiyoubi(日曜日) (Karaoke)

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