– Sai Psi Sai Kouchou!

“Sai Ψ Sai Kouchou!(最Ψ最好調!)” is the fifteenth major single (sixteenth overall) released by It was released in five editions: two limited CD+DVD editions (A & B), a regular CD Only edition, a 7-inch analog record edition, and a cassette tape edition.
Released 2016.11.02
Catalog Number TFCC-89604

Regular Edition
1 Sai Ψ Sai Kouchou! (最Ψ最好調!)
TV Anime Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan OP#2.
2 Ψ desu I LIKE YOU (Ψです I LIKE YOU)
3 Machibouke Ginga Station (待ちぼうけ銀河ステーション)
4 Suki Suki Song (すきすきソング)
5 Sai Ψ Sai Kouchou! (Instrumental)
6 Ψ desu I LIKE YOU (Instrumental)
7 Machibouke Ginga Station (Instrumental)
8 Suki Suki Song (Instrumental)

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