EGOIST – Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta

TV Anime “Fate/Apocrypha” Opening Theme
Catalog Number VVCL-1080
Release Date Aug 16, 2017

01 英雄 運命の詩 04:44
02 Eien
03 Eiyu Fate’s Song
04 Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta – Instrumental –
05 Eien – Instrumental –

Format/QualityScan BKFile SizeFile Hosting
MP3/320kbpsNo54 MBMirrorcreator
FLAC + CUENo165 MBMirrorcreator

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    5 thoughts on “EGOIST – Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta

      1. Muri dayo, how can I upload it, even this CD not yet sold in JAPAN.
        please wait till “RELEASE DATE”, thank you.

        1. oh sorry ._.
          dumb me cant read shit :((
          I’ll come back here again later, Thx for replying man ! You’re the best !

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