Etotama Theme Song

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TV Anime “Etotama” Opening Theme: Retry☆Rendezvous / Nya-tan (CV: Rie Murakawa)
リトライ☆ランデヴー / にゃ〜たん(CV:村川梨衣)
Catalog Number PCCG-70253
Release Date Apr 22, 2015
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01 Retry☆Rendezvous 3:45
02 Seollal★Tonchinkan 3:17
03 Retry☆Rendezvous [Motto! Urusai Nya-tan MIX] 3:47
04 Retry☆Rendezvous [TVsize ver.] 1:32
05 Retry☆Rendezvous [Instrumental] 3:45
06 Seollal★Tonchinkan [Instrumental] 3:18

TV Anime “Etotama” Ending Theme: blue moment / Seollal BOB
blue moment / ソルラルBOB
Catalog Number PCCG-70254
Release Date Apr 22, 2015
File Size: 70 MB (w/ BK)
Download: UC (mcx9)

01 blue moment 4:17
02 Seollal Kurenya! 4:58
Web Radio “Etotama Radio ~Seollal Kurenya!~” Theme Song
Performer: エトリオール (CV: Rie Murakawa, Eriko Matsui, Yumiri Hanamori)
03 blue moment [LIVE ARRANGE ver.] 4:32
04 blue moment [TVsize ver.] 1:29
05 blue moment [instrumental] 4:17
06 Seollal Kurenya! [instrumental] 4:58

Seollal BOB is Rie Murakawa, Sayaka Ohara, Eriko Matsui, Yuiko Tatsumi,
Yuuka Aisaka, Maaya Uchida, Hitomi Nabatame, Ari Ozawa, Mai Fuchigami,
Megumi Toda, Mikoi Sasaki, Mariko Honda, Yumiri Hanamori.

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