Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy

Everybody’s gonna be happy with me,” the girls of Prizzmy☆ sing at the beginning of their new single “Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy.” Later, it’s, “everybody’s gonna be happy with you.” Suffice to say there’s a whole lot of happiness being spread around with this one. Which makes it the perfect up-tempo, bubblegum pop song for the summer. Of course, it takes more than gleeful lyrics to make a hit and Prizzmy☆ have the perfect formula here: a fast, danceable beat, lots of glimmering synth, some really vibrant horns and their super sweet, sunshiny vocals. But it’s actually the B-side that makes this single a must-have. “Popple☆Heart” has a frantic, loud and pounding beat that would probably be better suited to head-banging than dancing and it’s downright addictive. The perfect J-pop concoction, it also has loads of dazzling synth, a few electro-flourishes and a kick ass guitar solo. The chorus is even catchier than the A-side, too, the girls’ voices overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. This single used for last ending in anime Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.
Released: Mar 16th, 2012

Track List:
1. Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy
2. Popple☆Heart
3. Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy (inst.)
4. Popple☆Heart (inst.)
File Size: 27 MB (320kbps)


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