Excel Saga

Excel Saga (エクセル♥サーガ) is a manga series written and illustrated by Rikdo Koshi. It has been serialized in Young King OURs since 1995, and its individual chapters were collected and published in tankōbon volumes by Shōnen Gahosha. The series follows the attempts of Across, a “secret ideological organization,” to conquer the city of Fukuoka as a first step towards world domination. The titular character of the series, Excel, is a key member of the group working towards this goal, while the city is defended by a shadowy government agency led by Dr. Kabapu.

The manga was adapted into an anime television series by Victor Entertainment, which was taglined Quack Experimental Animation (へっぽこ実験アニメーション, Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel Saga). Directed by Shinichi Watanabe and featuring animation from J.C.Staff, the series premiered on TV Tokyo in 1999. TV Tokyo only aired twenty-five of the series’ twenty-six episodes, with the finale having been intentionally made too violent and obscene for public broadcast. As such, it was only included in the DVD release of the series, although it has since been broadcast in other markets. The series has enjoyed some critical success coupled with respectable sales.

Opening Theme: “Ai (Chuuseishin)” by Excel Girls
Ending Theme: “Menchi Aishou no Bolero” by Excel Girls
[Nov 03, 1999] Ai (Chuuseishin)/Menchi – Aishuu no Bolero ~ Shokusu no ne
[Jan 01, 2000] Excel Saga Original Soundtrack 1
[Mar 23, 2000] Excel Saga Original Soundtrack 2
[Mar 23, 2000] Excel Girls GOLDEN BEST 20 -hatachi-

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