Frequently Asked Questions

About music inside winrar’s file:
Extract File Winzip / win7z / Kuaizip:
Please use Kuazip program to extract file .7z / .kz / .zip  / .rar
You can download it from their official website. (Quide for installation)
KuaiZip is apparently infected with malware.” Make sure disable your antivirus before install it.
We won’t use winrar or winzip anymore (we have a reason why we choose it and that is our secret project.)
Plus, either you success install it or not, it’s not our business. We only provide anime music not to make sure you install this little software correctly or not. Comment about can’t install it , we will ignore it.
But If you think we are too selfish, just go ahead and please search other source.
Because mac user cannot install it, WE WILL NOT USE KUAZIP ANYMORE.

How to Download?
1. Click file size, example :File Size: 23 MB (320kbps).

2. Or Download in Comment Box.

3. or search this box

After you click it, you will redirect to then afelinkreviewz (Made Your Link Safe). Then click “VISIT LINK”.

Report Broken Link / File Deleted:
– Write a comment on the page which related to broken link.
– Write the TITLE of the song and the SINGER and also please be more specific and tell us whether it is the album, single or individual track (direct download link or usually we write it as “Download” or “original ver.”), if will you say is “almost all links are broken” or “file was deleted “or re-upload please” we will delete or ignore your comment.
– what MUST BE included in the comment: title & singer, category
(Example: Please re-upload Reason by KAmiYU [Full Ver.] or Please reupload Reason by Yuzu (TV Size Ver.). If you do not write the category, or if your information is unclear ~ we will probably ignore or delete it.
– If you cannot download any file, please tell us the reason clearly. If you can’t, please upload the screenshot in your comment. Giving us more information will help us understand what it is that you want and provide you with a solution.
– Don’t send a PM to our Fanpage regarding this matter Just comment here on the page that have broken links.
– We strongly recommend you to report to us the “broken link” or “file was deleted” on the regarding page and not anywhere else.
– Please don’t write to us like this : “send this album directly to my email in khoi***” after you re-upload.”. We will not send it.
-Please tell me your report me clearly, I don’t understand if you just say “some” or “these” and do it in right place, if you report it in random page. I don’t care about your report because you don’t care about my rule.

You Should Know:
1. No Requests for Game, or Jpop Music we don’t accept them, only anime music. I only upload album / singles which related to anime music.
2. If one or more of the download links are broken / file was deleted, please use the other link.
3. Don’t ever ask to us when we will upload a song, even though release date for that CD was over. If you have it or manage to find it, please upload and share it to us.
4. Some of pages on this website hasn’t download link. Our Domain is, MEAN give information to you is our priority, and the rest is provide download link. For more information about that topic, you can read it on this page.
5. Please report me if you find an album  which it’s quality not 320kbps.

Status for Hosting File:
NEW link will be uploded on: Google Drive, cloudup, Mediafire, Mega, 4shared, uptobox, userscloud (Strongly recommended before you download make sure you have an account there or please register first there), dailyupload.

Latest Updated: 19 Oct 2017