Flame of Recca

Flame of Recca (烈火の炎 Rekka no Honoo) is a manga series written and illustrated by Nobuyuki Anzai, which was adapted into an anime series spanning forty-two episodes by Studio Pierrot. Most people think that ninjas are a thing of the past, but Rekka Hanabishi wishes otherwise. Although he comes from a family that makes fireworks, he likes to think of himself as a self-styled, modern-day ninja. Sounds like fun, right? Maybe not. Rekka ends up in lots of fights because he once made the bold announcement that if someone can defeat him, he will become their servant.

Then one day, Rekka meets Yanagi Sakoshita, a gentle girl with the ability to heal any wound or injury. Their meeting sets off a chain of events, which culminate into a shocking discovery. Rekka is the last surviving member of a legendary ninja clan that was wiped out centuries ago. Even more astonishing than being an actual ninja, he also wields the power to control fire. What does this mean for Rekka? Who are these strange people after him and Yanagi? Find out in Rekka no Honoo!

Opening Theme
“Nanka Shiawase” by the OYSTARS
Ending Theme
#1: “Love is Changing” by Hikaru Nishida (eps 01-32)
#2: “Zutto Kimi ni Soba de” by Yuki Masuda (eps 33-42)

[Dec 03, 1997] FLAME OF RECCA OST Vol.1
[Mar 04, 1998] FLAME OF RECCA OST Vol.2

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