Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club , Free! – Eternal Summer
Free! is a homo anime produced by KyoAni. It follows the story of 5 homos who like swimming and each others. Unfortunately one of the homos liked swimming more than the 4 other homos so he moved to a place with a swimming school, the closest being in Australia or something. This made the 4 homos kinda sad and they stopped swimming or so I think, I wasn’t really paying an attention. Anyway they wear swimsuits all the time and sit in a bathtub waiting for the one homo to return so that they can swim together once again and be homos. It’s pretty touching. In the first episode already the missing homo returns, but here is the twist; he has changed. He acts like a butthurt (no pun intended I swear) swimming homo boy, and somehow looks down on all the other homos by acting really arrogantly. He is the homost and best swimmer of them all. The other characters are pretty homo too. We have shota peril, that one guy who wears glasses, the best boy Makoto and the real mc who would get all the bitches if he wanted. If. It’s pretty homo. (Karhu@mal)

Note: If you guys still take this review seriously, I do not know what to say to you anymore. This review was also taken from MAL, please note the bolded word. We do not write reviews for any of the anime posted here. Lastly, this review is obviously a joke/troll on first glance basic. But if you insist of taking this review seriously then, well, good luck to you. -tsuyori-

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
[17/07/2013] OP: “Rage on” – OLDCODEX
[07/08/2013] ED: “SPLASH FREE” by STYLE FIVE
[07/08/2013] Character Song 1. Nanase Haruka
[07/08/2013] Character Song 2. Makoto Tachibana
[04/09/2013] Character Song 3. Rin Matsuka
[04/09/2013] Character Song 4. Nagisa Hazuki
[04/09/2013] Character Song 5. Rei Ryugazaki
[02/10/2013] Free! Original Soundtrack Ever Blue Sounds
[23/10/2013] FREE! Remix Mini Album
[18/12/2013] Duet Series: 1. Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto
[15/01/2014] Duet Series: 2. Hazuki Nagisa and Ryuugazaki Rei
[12/02/2014] Duet Series: 3. Matsuoka Rin and Ryuugazaki Rei
[19/03/2014] Duet Series: 4. Nanase Haruka Matsuoka Rin

Free! -Eternal Summer-
[30/07/2014] “Dried Up Youthful Fame” by OLDCODEX
[06/08/2014] “FUTURE FISH” by STYLE FIVE
[20/08/2014] Character Song 1. Nanase Haruka
[20/08/2014] Character Song 2. Tachibana Makoto
[03/09/2014] Character Song 3. Matsuoka Rin
[03/09/2014] Character Song 4. Hazuki Nagisa
[03/09/2014] Character Song 5. Ryuugazaki Rei
[08/10/2014] Original Soundtrack Clear Blue Notes
[15/10/2014] Character Song 6. Yamazaki Sousuke
[15/10/2014] Character Song 7. Nitori Aiichirou
[15/10/2014] Character Song 8. Mikoshiba Momotarou

High☆Speed! -Free! Starting Days-
[16/12/2015] OLDCODEX – Aching Horns
[16/12/2015] OST: Pure Blue Scenes

Free! -Timeless Medley-
[Jul 19, 2017] Free! -Timeless Medley- Original Soundtrack

Free! -Take Your Marks-
[Nov 08, 2017] FREE-STYLE SPIRIT/What Wonderful Days!!
[Nov 29, 2017] Free! -Take Your Marks- Original Soundtrack

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