Freezing (フリージング) is a Japanese manga written by Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim. The series revolves around the invasion of Earth by an extraterrestrial force called the Nova, and a special force of genetically engineered young women called Pandoras, and their male partners, called Limiters, who are created to combat the Nova. It centers on Kazuya Aoi, a Limiter whose late sister was a Pandora, and Satellizer el Bridget, a Pandora with a cold personality who is known as the “Untouchable Queen” due to her intense aphephobia. Both are enrolled at West Genetics Academy, which is a training school for Pandoras and Limiters.

On August 12, 2010, an anime adaptation produced by A.C.G.T was announced, and aired twelve episodes in Japan between January and April 2011 on AT-X and other channels. A second anime season titled Freezing Vibration (フリージング ヴァイブレーション) premiered on October 4, 2013. A third spinoff, called Freezing Pair Love Stories (フリージング ペアラブストーリーズ), began serialization in the April 2013 issue of Comic Valkyrie.

    • Aimer – Anata ni Deawanakereba

      Description: Ending Natsuyuki Rendezvous Released: August 15, 2012 Catalog No. DFCL-1919 Track List : 1. あなたに出会わなければ~夏雪冬花~ 2. 星屑ビーナス 3. Breaking […]

    • Chotto Love Song

      Chotto Love Song / Nanamorichu☆Gorakubu ちょっとラブソング / 七森中☆ごらく部 Catalog Number BRCG-00043 (C89) Release Date Dec 28, 2015 Tracklist: 1.ちょっとラブソング 2.ちょっとラブソング(からおけ) […]

    • Kunimitsu Tezuka – Sasayaka Na Kono Negai

      手塚国光 – ささやかなこの願い 2010/10/06発売 品番:NECM-12166 Tracklist 01.ささやかなこの願い 02.ささやかなこの願い(Original Karaoke) 03.VS手塚~プロローグ~ 04.一球勝負~早口言葉の柱となれ!~ 05.フォーエバー貴一 (MP3, 320kbps) Report / Request Issue: * This […]

    • PUNCH LINE Vol.3 Bonus CD

      PUNCH LINE Vol.3 Bonus CD パンチライン 第3巻 特典CD Catalog Number ANZX-11466 Release Date Sep 30, 2015 Track List: 01 Arigato. […]

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    1. [Feb. 23, 2011] COLOR / Kimi wo Mamoritai
      [Mar. 30, 2011] Freezing Soundtrack & Kiichadame Character Voice CD Vol.1 “Satellizer & Ganessa”
      [Apr. 27, 2011] Freezing Soundtrack & Kiichadame Character Voice CD Vol.2 “Miyabi & Ingrid”
      [May 25, 2011] Freezing Soundtrack & Kiichadame Character Voice CD Vol.3 “Lana & Attia”
      [Jun. 22, 2011] Freezing Soundtrack & Kiichadame Character Voice CD Vol.4 “Arnett & Cleo”
      [Jul. 27, 2011] Freezing Soundtrack & Kiichadame Character Voice CD Vol.5 “Chiffon & Elizabeth”
      [Aug. 24, 2011] Freezing Soundtrack & Kiichadame Character Voice CD Vol.6 ”Yumi, Elize & Cassie”
      [Nov. 27, 2013] AVENGE WORLD/Sekai wa Kizu wo Dakishimeru / Konomi Suzuki
      [Dec. 25, 2013] Freezing Vibration Vol.1 Drama CD – Zero Point no Shoujotachi
      [Jan. 29, 2014] Freezing Vibration Vol.2 Bonus CD – Freezing Complete Soundtrack 01
      [Feb. 26, 2014] Freezing Vibration Vol.3 Drama CD – Tomodachi
      [Mar. 26, 2014] Freezing Vibration Vol.4 Bonus CD – Freezing Vibration Complete Soundtrack 02
      [Apr. 25, 2014] Freezing Vibration Vol.5 Drama CD – Densetsu no Hajimari

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