Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket (フルーツバスケット), sometimes abbreviated Furuba, or Fruba (フルバ), is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. The series tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who, after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma, learns that twelve members of the Sohma family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac (十二支 Jūnishi) and are cursed to turn into their animal forms when they are weak, stressed, or when they are embraced by anyone of the opposite sex that is not possessed by a zodiacal spirit. In the anime it is possible to transform through torso contact. The word “Fruits” in the title is always plural; the spelling originates from the transcription of the English word “fruit” into Japanese, where because there is no “tu” sound, “tsu” is used instead. The title comes from the name of a popular game played in Japanese elementary schools, which is alluded to in the series.

[Jul 25, 2001] For Fruits Basket/Chiisana Inori / Ritsuko Okazaki
[Oct 30, 2001] Fruits Basket -Four Seasons- Song for Ritsuko Okazaki
[Dec 05, 2001] Fruits Basket Original Soundtrack Memory for You
[Dec 29, 2001] – Kazeiro – Song for Yui Horie

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