Futakoi Alternative


Futakoi Alternative (フタコイ オルタナティブ) is a Japanese anime series by ufotable. The series ran for 13 episodes from 7 April 2005 to 30 June 2005. The show features many of the characters from the original Futakoi, though the story and settings are completely different.

Futakoi Alternative is a funny action-filled series which manages to maintain a deep, gripping story despite it’s unrealistic setting. Comedy, action, drama and romance all together without getting too mixed up. This anime really has it all, I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to see 13 episodes of pure brilliance. Even though the story is brilliant, the characters are in no way to be underestimated. Because believe me when I say this, they are simply great. The main character Rentarou really is one of my favourite anime characters. He’s tough and can be hilarious, but he has his inner demons and doubts which makes him into more than a simple harem character. You understand his problems, you know they are hard to solve. I guess you could say he feels REAL. Also, without spoiling too much, it really does feel like this anime wraps things up nicely in the end, something that a lot of good animes fails with.


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