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Vitreous Flower & Destroy the World Bonus CD: ImageSongArchives
ガラスの花と壊す世界 特典CD: イメージソングアーカイブス
Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai Bonus CD: Image Song Archives
Garakowa -Restore the World- Bonus CD: Image Song Archives
M-01 Performer: Remo prototype starring Yumiri Hanamori
M-02 Performer: Dual prototype starring Risa Taneda
M-03 Performer: Dorothy prototype starring Ayane Sakura
Catalog Number PCXP-50370-2
Release Date Feb 17, 2016[sociallocker]
01 Sendan Life 4:00
02 Insomnia 4:19
03 Hello! 4:12
04 Sendan Life (instrumental) 4:00
05 Insomnia (instrumental) 4:19
06 Hello! (instrumental) 4:10
Disc length 25:00
File Size: 65 MB (w/scans)[/sociallocker]


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