Gash Bell!!

Zatch Bell!, known in Japan as Konjiki no Gash!! (Japanese: 金色のガッシュ!! , lit. Golden Gash!!) is a shounen manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Raiku. The series follows Kiyo Takamine and his Mamodo (魔物 Mamono?, lit. “demon”) partner Zatch Bell as they try to win the tournament of Mamodo battles in order to make Zatch the king of the Mamodo world. The manga was later adapted into a 150 episode anime TV series titled Konjiki no Gash Bell!! (金色のガッシュベル!! , lit. Golden Gash Bell!!) by Toei Animation. Konjiki no Gash Bell premiered on Fuji TV on April 6, 2003 and ran until March 23, 2006.

Takamine Kiyomaro, a depressed don’t-care-about-the-world guy, was suddenly given a little demon named Gash Bell to take care of. Little does he know that Gash is embroiled into an intense fight to see who is the ruler of the demon world. All of the demons have to pick a master on Earth and duke it out with other demons until one survives. Needless to say, Kiyomaro becomes Gash’s master, and through their many battles, Kiyomaro learns the importance of friendship and courage.

This anime about a teenage boy who receives a demon from his father in order to make friends. Kiyo is pulled into crazy adventures with his friends, trying to save the demon world. There are many challenges and many issues they have to face, however the deal with problems with their friends, Umagon, Tio, and Kanchome. The plot was very intriguing but the fillers would ruin the plot line time to time. I loved this anime overall even all the bad points, and I couldn’t wait for the next episode to follow. I believe that they are many people who would enjoy this type of anime.

[Aug 06, 2003] Hadashi no ôsama / Kasabuta ~Kiyomaro version~
[Mar 24, 2004] Gash Bell!! – Collection of Golden Songs 1
[Jul 22, 2004] Gash Bell!! Character Song Series: Boys Side
[Aug 18, 2004] ED3: Eri Kitamura – Tsuyogari
[Aug 25, 2004] Gash Bell!! Character Song Series: Girls Side
[Sep 23, 2004] Gash Bell!! The Movie: Unlisted Demon #101 OST
[Nov 03, 2004] ED4: “Idea” – Tsukiko Amano
[Feb 23, 2005] Gash Bell!! – Collection of Golden Songs 2
[May 18, 2005] ED5: Echiura – Kyo yori Ashita wa
[Aug 03, 2005] Gash Bell!! The Movie: Attack of Mechavulcan OST
[Aug 26, 2005] Gash Bell OST 1
[Feb 22, 2006] Gash Bell!! – Collection of Golden Songs 3
[Mar 24, 2006] Gash Bell OST 3
[Feb 28, 2007] Gash Bell!! Complete Singles Collection
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