Gear Fighter Dendoh

Synonyms: GEAR Senshi Dendoh, Guard Earth and Advanced Reconnaissance Fighter Dendo, GEAR Senshi Dendou
Gear Fighter Dendoh (GEAR戦士電童) is an anime series that aired in Japan. It ran for 38 episodes, from October 4, 2000 to June 27, 2001, on the TV Tokyo network and its affiliates. Gear Fighter Dendoh tells the story of two Japanese schoolboys—short-tempered Ginga Izumo and level-headed Hokuto Kusanagi—who meet one day in the midst of an attack on the Earth by Galfa (sometimes translated as Gulfer or Garufa), a race of sentient machines determined to wipe out all life in the universe. The two are chosen by Dendoh, a machine built to battle Galfa, to be its pilots during this attack. They also become members of the Guard Earth and Advanced Reconnaissance (GEAR) organization designated with the protection of Earth from the Galfa advance. The two pilots find themselves in a race to obtain the powerful and animal-like Data Weapons before Galfa can get their hands on them.

Gear Fighter Dendoh – Best Drive ~Song File~
Gear Fighter Dendoh – ED Count Down
Gear Fighter Dendoh – OP W-Infinity OST
Gear Fighter Dendoh OST 1 / OST 2

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