Moso Calibration – Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!!

Moso Calibration’s 4th major single Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!! (激ヤバ∞ボッカーン!!) , The main song serves as the new ending theme song for the anime series Time Bokan 24. The lyrics were written by Kator Kanako, Hige Driver and the members of Moso Calibration, with the image of Bima-jo, a bad and sexy character who appears in the anime. The song itself is upbeat and packed full of energy. The electronic influence combined with the vocals of the members makes for a surprisingly good release that pairs well with the energy of the visuals.
Release date: Mar 08, 2017
Catalog Number SRLC=9340

1 Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!! (激ヤバ∞ボッカーン!!)
2 Kimi no Uta Boku no Uta (君の歌 僕の歌)
3 Geki Yaba∞Bokkan!! (Instrumental)
4 Kimi no Uta Boku no Uta (Instrumental)

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