Getter Robo (19 CD)

Getter Robo (ゲッターロボ, typically romanized as Getter Robot in the various manga) is a Super Robot manga series created by Ken Ishikawa, as well as an anime series produced by Toei Animation.
Humanity is under attack by demonic creatures called Oni. Unable to fight back by any other means, the scientist Dr. Saotome creates a series of giant robots that harness the mysterious power of Getter Rays, giving them the strength necessary to fight the Oni. The strongest of these is Getter Robo, and Saotome must enlist three very different men to pilot it – martial artist Ryoma Nagare, criminal leader Hayato Jin, and monk Benkei Musashibou. Together, the Getter Team fights to end the Oni menace forever.[sociallocker]
Getter Robo Go (1991-1992)
Opening Theme
#1: “21st Century Boy” by Hiroyuki Takami (eps 1-14)
#2: “Getter Robo Go” by Ichirou Mizuki (eps 15-50)
Ending Theme
#1: “Grievous Rain” by Hiroyuki Kimi
#2: “Tomodachi ni Naritai” by Ichiro Mizuki
[1991.07.01] Getter Robo Go Music Collection (160kbps)
[1991.08.21] Hiroyuki Takami – sAturAtion fLoweR
[1991.10.01] Getter Robo Go Hit Song Collection

Change!! Getter Robo: Sekai Saigo no Hi (1998-1999)
Opening Theme
#1: “Ima ga Sono Toki da” by Ichiro Mizuki (eps 1-3)
#2: “Heats” by Hironobu Kageyama (eps 4-13)
Ending Theme
#1: “The Hill of Promise” by Satomi Nakase & Chiemi Chiba (eps 1-3)
#2: “Hurry Up Dream” by Masako Iwanaga (eps 4-12)
[1998.12.16] Change!! Getter Robo Original Soundtrack Vol.1
[1999.02.21] Change!! Getter Robo Original Soundtrack Vol.2
[2000.11.22] Vocal Album: Kike Tamashii no Koe o! Sakebe Warera to Tomo ni (128kbps)

Shin Getter Robo tai Neo Getter Robo (2000-2001)
Opening Theme: “Storm” by JAM Project featuring Ichiro Mizuki
Ending Theme: “Rising” by JAM Project featuring Hironobu Kageyama and Ichiro Mizuki
[2000.12.21] JAM Project – STORM / Rising
[2001.02.21] Shin Getter Robo Vs Neo Getter Robo Original Soundtrack (128kbps)

Shin Getter Robo (2004)
Opening Theme: “DRAGON” by JAM Project
Ending Theme: “NO SERENITY” by JAM Project
[2004.03.10] Getter Robo +10~The Legends of GETTER~ (128kbps)
[2004.04.21] JAM PROJECT – Dragon / No Serenity
[2004.07.22] Shin Getter Robo Original Soundtrack Vol.1
[2004.07.23] Character Song Vol. 1: Warrior – Hironobu Kageyama (Bonus CD 1) [320kbps]
[2004.08.27] Character Song Vol. 2: S A G A – Masaaki Endoh (Bonus CD 2) [320kbps]
[2004.09.04] Character Song Vol. 3: Hoero!! – Yoshiki Fukuyama (Bonus CD 3) [320kbps]
[2004.10.22] Character Song Vol. 4: Deep Red – Kitadani Hiroshi (Bonus CD 4) [320kbps]
[2004.11.26] Character Song Vol. 5: Gods – Akira Kushida (Bonus CD 5) [320kbps]
[2004.12.23] Character Song Vol. 6: Densetsu ~Legend~ – Ichirou Mizuki (Bonus CD 6) [192kbps]
[2004.10.06] New Getter Robo Original Soundtrack Vol.2
[2006.07.26] Shin Getter Robo Vocal Collection: Dragon Battle[/sociallocker]

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