Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell (攻殻機動隊 Koukaku Kidoutai, literally “Mobile Armored Riot Police”;) is a Japanese media franchise originally published as a seinen manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. The manga, first serialized in 1989 under the subtitle of The Ghost in the Shell, and later published as its own tankōbon volumes by Kodansha.
Primarily set in the mid-twenty-first century in the fictional Japanese city of Niihama, otherwise known as New Port City, the manga and the many anime adaptations follow the members of Public Security Section 9, a special-operations task-force made up of former military officers and police detectives. Political intrigue and counter-terrorism operations are standard fare for Section 9, but the various actions of corrupt officials, companies, and cyber-criminals in each scenario are unique and require the diverse skills of Section 9’s staff to prevent a series of incidents from escalating. In this post-cyberpunk iteration of a possible future, computer technology has advanced to the point that many members of the public possess cyberbrains, technology that allows them to interface their biological brain with various networks. The level of cyberization varies from simple minimal interfaces to almost complete replacement of the brain with cybernetic parts, in cases of severe trauma. This can also be combined with various levels of prostheses, with a fully prosthetic body enabling a person to become a cyborg. The main character of Ghost in the Shell, Major Motoko Kusanagi, is such a cyborg, having had a terrible accident befall her as a child that ultimately required that she use a full-body prosthesis to house her cyberbrain. This high level of cyberization, however, opens the brain up to attacks from highly skilled hackers, with the most dangerous being those who will hack a person to bend to their whims.

Last Modified: Apr 15, 2016
[Oct 21, 1995] Saeko Higuchi – Mirai e no Yakusoku
[Nov 21, 1996] GHOST IN THE SHELL ~dialogue & sound effect~
[Oct 22, 2003] Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX be Human
[Jan 21, 2004] Yoko Kanno – GET9
[Feb 25, 2004] Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX O.S.T.+
[Mar 03, 2004] GHOST IN THE SHELL: Innocence O.S.T.
[Mar 03, 2014] Kimiko Itoh – Foll0w Me
[May 26, 2004] Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX O.S.T.2
[Jul 21, 2005] Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX O.S.T.3
[Nov 22, 2006] Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX Solid State Society O.S.T.
[Sep 05, 2007] Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX OST 4 -smooth in the shell-
[Sep 05, 2007] Ghost in the Shell OST 4 (Repack Ver.)
[Dec 17, 2008] GHOST IN THE SHELL 2.0 OST
[Jun 19, 2013] GHOST IN THE SHELL ARISE / Jibun ga Inai
[Jun 17, 2015] Anata wo Tamotsu Mono/Mada Ugoku
[Jun 17, 2015] GHOST IN THE SHELL Shingekijouban O.S.T.
[Jun 25, 2014] Sean Lennon×Cornelius – Heart Grenade
[Sep 03, 2014] Yukihiro Takahashi & METAFIVE – Split Spirit


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