Giant Killing

Giant Killing (ジャイアントキリング) is Japanese manga series written by Masaya Tsunamoto and illustrated by Tsujitomo. A 26-episode anime adaptation animated by Studio Deen began airing in Japan on NHK, BS2 and BShi on April 4, 2010. In 2010, it won the Kodansha Manga Award for best general manga. East Tokyo United, ETU, has been struggling in Japan’s top football league for a few years. It has taken everything they have just to avoid relegation. To make matters even worse, the fans are starting to abandon the team.

In an effort to improve their performance, ETU has hired a new coach, the slightly eccentric Tatsumi Takeshi. Tatsumi, who was considered a great football player when he was younger, abandoned the team years before but has proven himself as the manager of one of England’s lower division amateur teams. The task won’t be easy, the teams East Tokyo United is pitted against have bigger budgets and better players. However, Tatsumi is an expert at Giant Killing.

Opening Theme: “My Story ~Mada Minu Ashita e~” by THE CHERRY COKES
Ending Theme: “Get tough!” by G.P.S
Giant Killing OST

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