Gin no Saji

Silver Spoon // 銀の匙
Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) tells the story of Hachiken Yugo, a boy that decides to go to an agricultural boarding school far away from home after not getting accepted into the high school he was aiming for. Hachiken’s tunnel vision to get into the high school causes him to lose sight of what he really wants to do, and so he chooses the agricultural school to get away from being considered a failure. All of us, especially in our teenage and early adult years, can relate to this experience one way or another: working only towards that one goal and realizing that the goal is taken away from you in plain sight is a daunting and depressing thing. To make matters worse, you are forced to see your peers achieve that same goal and become afraid of them lest they judge you for failing. We’ve all been there. You want to escape, but sometimes the pressure from society, from your family and your friends, all chain you down to sometimes lead the life that you don’t necessarily want. On behalf of those who love this anime already, let me say to those reading this review that you’re missing out!! I can’t guarantee everyone will enjoy it, but I hope you do!

Opening Theme
1. “kiss you” by miwa
2. “LIFE” by Fujifabric
Ending Theme
1. “Hello Especially” by Sukima Switch
2. “Oto no Naru Hou e→” by Goose house
[21/03/2014] Silver Spoon Original Soundtrack
Bonus CD: (now uploading)
1 – “Oezo Agricultural High School” School Song (insert Song)
4 – Shusei Murai – Mini Soundtrack (Extra BGMs)



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