Girls Dead Monster – Crow Song

TV Anime Angel Beats! Insert Song
Catalog Number KSLA-0051
Release Date Apr 23, 2010

01 Crow Song 4:08
02 Alchemy 4:16
03 My Song
File Size: 33 MB (320kbps)

‘Girls Dead Monster’ is the name of the in-anime band that performs the songs.
All Vocal & Chorus: marina
All Written & Compose: Jun Maeda
All Arrangement: Hikarisyuyo
All Guitar Performed: Hikarisyuyo
Mixed: nagie
Producer: Jun Maeda
Director: Kumiko Murayama (1st PLACE)
Cover Illustration: Katsuzo Hirata & PA-WORKS
Art & Cover Design: Daisuke Shimuzu (design CREST)
Recording Engineer: nagie
Recording Studio: MARUNI STUDIO / P-CAMP
Mastering: Naoyoshi “devi” Matsuyama

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