Miracle Go! Princess Precure / Dreaming ☆ Princess Precure

TV Anime “Go! Princess Precure” OP Theme & ED Theme
Catalog Number MJSS-09139
Release Date Mar 04, 2015
320kbps + BK: 38 MB

01 Miracle Go! Princess Precure 3:24 (OP Theme)
Performer: Karin Isobe [礒部花凜]
Composer: Ryo Watanabe [渡辺亮希]
Arranger: Ryo Watanabe, Dai
02 Dreaming☆Princess Precure 3:18 (ED Theme)
Performer: Rie Kitagawa [北川理恵]
Composer: Sayaka Yamamoto [山本清香]
Arranger: Akifumi Tada
Lyricist: Mike Sugiyama
03 Miracle Go! Princess Precure (Original Karaoke with Melody) 3:24
04 Dreaming☆Princess Precure (Original Karaoke with Melody) 3:14

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