Green Legend Ran

Green Legend Ran (グリーンレジェンド乱) is an approximately 140-minute long 3-episode anime OAV released in 1992, and by Pioneer Entertainment in the U.S. as an unedited subtitled three-Laserdisc or VHS set. It is drawn in a style reminiscent of the Final Fantasy OAVs and directed by Satoshi Saga. In the U.S., it aired on the Sci Fi Channel’s Saturday Anime block during the late 90s.

A story of future Earth – A warning for mankind: In the future, our planet will be transformed into a strange new world where human life struggles on an Earth without rain or oceans – only vast, parched deserts.
Two youths fight for survival on our hostile planet and find hope. The sea, the sky and the land had been completely polluted by mankind when mysterious objects fall from the heavens. These titanic vessels smash into the planet and suck up the air, water, and most living creatures into their womb, stealing away the very essence of Earth`s nature.
The few remaining inhabitants struggle for survival against a hostile environment and an oppressive ruling race known as the Rodo. One young, hot-blooded human named Ran, fights against the Rodo and a world in which rain is only a legend. He strives to join an Anti-Rodo group known as the Hazzard, not only to defeat the Rodo, but also to hunt down the man who killed his mother.

GREEN LEGEND RAN Music Collection
グリーンレジェンド乱 音楽篇
Catalog Number PICA-1002
Release Date Nov 25, 1992
Last Modified: May 24, 2016

01 Yasashisa Wa Furu Ame No Youni(Strings Version)~大砂塵~宿命 10:37
02 降臨 1:43
03 RUNNING乱 2:13
04 追憶の生家 1:55
05 ハザード追撃 2:24
06 アイラのテーマ 6:12
07 ロドー大聖堂 2:15
08 やさしさは降る雨のように(Strings Version) 2:55
09 LEGEND(Violin Solo) 3:27
10 オアシス 2:23
11 乱の仲間達 2:09
12 やさしさは降る雨のように(Violin Solo) 2:54
13 幻視 2:23
14 ロドー軍機甲艦隊 1:33
15 LEGEND 3:29
16 Yasashisa Wa Furu Ame No Youni 6:06
(ED Theme) // Performer: Hiroko Kasahara
File Size: 133 MB (w/ BK)

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