Grisaia no Kajitsu

Le Fruit de la Grisaia / Grisaia no Kajitsu / グリザイアの果実
Trying to become something that he isn’t, Kazami Yuji transferred himself to Mihama Academy — a school with only five female students and prison-like features. He was told that every student in this school have their own ‘circumstances’ (himself included) and that he is not required to do anything about their situation as he asked for a ‘normal’ student life. Will Yuji find his solution here in Mihama Academy?

Opening Theme: “Rakuen no Tsubasa” by Kurosaki Maon
Ending Theme:
1 – “Anata no Aishita Sekai” by Nanjou Yoshino (Single)
2 – “Rainy veil” by Nagi Yanagi

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