Groove Adventure Rave

Rave Master // レイヴ / Groove Adventure Rave
Groove Adventure Rave doesn’t have the most original story. It’s roughly like this: Haru Glory, a 16 years old “Rave Master”, must collect all five Rave-stones to prevent the world from being destroyed by the terrifying power of Darkbring, which caused Overdrive, a huge explosion which destroyed 1/10 of the world 50 years before. So, basically Groove Adventure Rave seems like your average collect-’em-all anime where the main character grows with every item he finds. And, yeah, that’s basically it, but there are also very interesting back stories and under it’s stupid upper layer, there is an interesting story for the ones that start watching “Rave”, but I can’t go into it further without spoiling.

Groove Adventure Rave is a shounen-anime, and a good one at that, but it’s not the best one ever. Remind yourself of that before watching it. Still, Groove Adventure Rave is a very good anime and will keep you glad for a while.

[Oct 31, 2001] OP1 & ED1: Chihiro Yonekura – Butterfly Kiss / Kohaku no Yurikago
[Feb 28, 2002] RAVE Image Album & Soundtrack I: RAVE THE SONG & STORY
[May 01, 2002] OP2& ED2: Kumoko – Higher & Higher / Hikousen
[May 20, 2002] RAVE Character Song & Soundtrack II: All need is RAVE
[Aug 20, 2002] RAVE Soundtrack III: MUSIC SIDE
[Oct 23, 2002] RAVE Drama & Character Song 「VARIETY SIDE」

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