Guilty Kiss – Strawberry Trapper

Guilty Kiss is a sub-unit under Aqours. The group consists of three members, namely Sakurauchi Riko, Tsushima Yoshiko, and Ohara Mari. Guilty Kiss’ name was meant to symbolize the slightly grown-up and little devil-like image the unit has. Their group introduction goes: “Ai koso subete, Guilty Kiss”, which translates to “Love is everything, Guilty Kiss”.
Catalog Number LACM-14483
Release Date Jun 08, 2016

01  Strawberry Trapper
02 Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss!
03 Strawberry Trapper (Off Vocal)
04 Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss! (Off Vocal)
05 遊覧船でどこまでも❤
File Size: 86 MB (320kbps)
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Guilty Kiss are
Riko Sakurauchi (CV: Rikako Aida),
Yoshiko Tsushima (CV: Aika Kobayashi),
Mari Ohara (CV: Aina Suzuki)

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