Gun Smith Cats Image Album

This is an image album for Gunsmith Cats, released much before the OVA series, and contains seven songs and a few instrumental pieces. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this CD but it is not bad at all. Partly because some songs are sung by SILK, it reminds me of the Bubblegum Crisis CDs and, IMHO, reconstract the mood of the manga very well.
ガン・スミス・キャッツ イメージアルバム
Catalog Number TYCY-5297
Release Date May 19, 1993

01 Burst 1-byou Mae! 4:28
02 Saturday Night Special (RG14) 5:06
03 Bounty-hunter 4:41
04 Lullaby 4:00
05 Natsukashisa Dakenara 4:36
06 “CHINA TOWN” Shibyoukan no Yoru 2:19
07 HARD TOUCH 4:33
08 Groove from heaven 3:51
10 SHELBY G.T.500 3:52
11 Sunset in my heart

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