Haifuri Character Song Wakasa & Reo

Enclosed with High School Fleet Vol.6 Limited Edition BD/DVD
HIGH SCHOOL FLEET Reo Wakasa Character Song “C・H・A・T・T・Y” / Hime Wazumi Character Song “HANDMADE EVERYDAY♪”
ハイスクール・フリート 若狭麗緒キャラクターソング 「C・H・A・T・T・Y」 / 和住媛萌キャラクターソング 「HANDMADE EVERYDAY♪」
Haifuri Reo Wakasa Character Song “C・H・A・T・T・Y” / Hime Wazumi Character Song “HANDMADE EVERYDAY♪”
Catalog Number ANZX-11932
Release Date Nov 23, 2016

01 C・H・A・T・T・Y 4:01
Performer: Reo Wakasa (Ayaka Shimizu)
Performer: Hime Wazumi (Hiyori Nitta)
03 C・H・A・T・T・Y (Instrumental) 4:01
04 HANDMADE EVERYDAY♪ (Instrumental)

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