Hamatora (23 CD)

Hamatora (ハマトラ, lit. “Yokohama Troubleshooter”) is a Japanese mixed-media project. The project began with a manga series written by Yukino Kitajima and Yūki Kodama as the character designer, while Yū Wazu is adapting the design to the illustration. The manga, Hamatora: The Comic, started serialization in Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine in November 2013. An anime television series, Hamatora: The Animation, by the studio NAZ premiered on TV Tokyo and ran for twelve episodes between January 8 and March 26, 2014. It was followed by a second series by Lerche starting in July 2014, Re:_ Hamatora.

“Minimum”— Otherwise known as “small miracles”, is a special power that only manifests within a few, select humans. Those who possess this ability are called “Minimum Holders.” The detective duo of Nice and Murasaki, otherwise known as “Hamatora,” wait again today for work with their friends at a table at Cafe Nowhere that they use as their agency. Suddenly, a job they receive seems to have a weird connection with the serial killer that their police friend, Art, is searching for.
The series takes place in the year 2014 when selected humans called Minimum Holders have been discovered to possess supernatural abilities. The story focuses on Minimum Holder Nice who forms a detective agency called “Hamatora” based in Yokohama and he starts gathering a large number of allies such as his partner Murasaki and assistant Hajime as well as enemies including several criminals. The anime stars Ryōta Ōsaka, Wataru Hatano, Hiroshi Kamiya, Emiri Katō, Kiyono Yasuno, Jun Fukuyama, and Yuichi Nakamura among others.
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[Feb 19, 2014] Wataru Hatano – Hikari
[Mar 05, 2014] Yuuki Ozaki – FLAT
[Mar 26, 2014] Hamatora Character Song 1: NICE
[Mar 26, 2014] Hamatora Character Song 2: MURASAKI
[Apr 23, 2014] Hamatora Character Song 3: ART
[Apr 23, 2014] Hamatora Character Song 4: MORAL
[Apr 23, 2014] Hamatora Original Soundtracks (2 Discs)
[Apr 25, 2014] Hamatora Vol. 1 Bonus CD
[May 28, 2014] Hamatora Character Song 5: RAITO
[May 28, 2014] Hamatora Character Song 6: BIRTHDAY
[May 30, 2014] Hamatora Vol. 2 Bonus CD
[July 25, 2014] Hamatora Vol. 3 Bonus CD
[Aug 20, 2014] Ayami – Brand New World
[Aug 29, 2014] Hamatora Vol. 4 Bonus CD
[Sep 03, 2014] Takuro Sugawara – Sen no Tsubasa
[Oct 31, 2014] Re␣:HAMATORA Vol. 2 Bonus CD
[Nov 19, 2014] Re:␣HAMATORA OST: Everyone Has It!
[Nov 28, 2014] Re␣:HAMATORA Vol. 2 Bonus CD
[Dec 26, 2014] Re␣:HAMATORA Vol. 3 Bonus CD
[Jan 30, 2015] Re␣:HAMATORA Vol. 4 Bonus CD
[Dec 23, 2015] HAMATORACKS (Complete Album)
[Mar 09, 2016] Wataru Hatano – Rolling Life

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