Hatsukoi Limited


First Love Limited (初恋限定) is a Japanese shōnen romantic comedy manga by Mizuki Kawashita. The series depicts vignettes in the love lives of eight girls in middle school and high school. An anime adaptation produced by J.C.Staff was broadcast in twelve episodes in Japan from April 11 to June 27, 2009. A series relating the intertwined stories about the “first loves” of several middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. Each episode tends to focus on a different character, however the developments established during previous episodes continue to play smaller roles in those following. As the series progresses, an array of unusual and unexpected love webs begin to blossom.

[Apr 22, 2009] OP: Future Stream / Sphere
[Apr 22, 2009] ED:Hatsukoi limited / marble
[May 27, 2009] HATSUKOI LIMITED. Character File Vol.1 Kei Enomoto & Rika Dobashi
[June 24, 2009] HATSUKOI LIMITED. Character File Vol.2 Misaki Yamamoto & Meguru Watase
[July 23, 2009] HATSUKOI LIMITED. Character File Vol.3 Bessho Koyoi & Chikura Nao
[Aug 05, 2009] HATSUKOI LIMITED. Character File Vol.4 Ayumi Arihara & Soako Andou
[Aug 05, 2009] Hatsukoi Limited. Original Soundtrack

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