Heat Guy J

Heat Guy J (ヒートガイジェイ) is a 26 episode science fiction anime series created by Escaflowne director Kazuki Akane and Satelight. Heat Guy J chronicles the adventures of a young Special Services officer named Daisuke Aurora and his android partner known simply as “J”. The pair live and work in the fictional, futuristic Metropolis of “Judoh” (Jewde), where the understaffed and underfunded Special Services Division of the Bureau of Urban Safety has its headquarters.

Heat Guy J is one of the most excellent series I’ve had the pleasure of viewing and exceeded my expectations based on the reviews I’ve seen. It’s basically in the detective/action genre that’s set in the future, in a unique environment where cities are divided and dependent on a race of people that provide the technology for air and water, and there are also people living outside of this city in the underground and in the forests avoiding the people in the main city. The main character is a detective of sorts who’s partner is a robot “J” that assists him in his quests.

Opening Theme: “Face” by Try Force
Ending Theme
#1: “Kokoro no Sukima” by WYSE
#2: “Hikari” by Saeko Chiba
Original Soundtrack: Burn

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