The first episode of Hellsing (ヘルシング) was very interesting and drew me in, but from there on things went downhill. For one, everything about it moved at such a quick pace nothing really develops. This is especially evident with the way characters handle events (see “Characters” below). And this frantic momentum just keeps on going. The cut scenes are sudden, making for rough transitions, and even the plot progresses sporadically. It’s also morally all over the place, which could be a statement about the ambiguity of right and wrong, but most likely the creator just didn’t care about that kind of stuff.

If you like shows like Cowboy Bebop which are very episodic and have very thin/loose central plots, then you may still enjoy Hellsing. The Anderson guy was kind of cool and the fights with him weren’t bad. The whole vampires commanding ghoul armies thing was a nice touch; kind of different. Still, there was little plot, and much of it was ridiculous and/or didn’t make sense. The way they acted, the things they fell for, etc. The dialogue to action ratio was like 3:1. That much dialogue and so much dubiousness made even less sense. But anyway… I’d say this is probably not for young teens as there’s plenty of blood and some sexual situations.

[July 25, 2001] ED: Shine / MR.BIG
[Nov 22, 2001] Hellsing Original Soundtrack 1 ~Raid~
[Feb 22, 2002] Hellsing Original Soundtrack 2 ~Ruins~
[Feb 22, 2008] Hellsing IV PREMIUM DVD DISK Warsaw Recording Selection
[Mar 21, 2008] Original Soundtrack OVA Black Dog
[Dec 23, 2009] The Dawn / Suilen
[Oct 22, 2010] Hellsing Soundtrack “Nazi CD”
[Nov 30, 2011] Kurosaki Maon – SCARS
[Apr 01, 2015] HELLSING OVA VI~X Blu-ray BOX Bonus Disc “Nantonaku, Iscariot”

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