High School [ANIME SIDE] -Bootleg-/ Spiral

High School [ANIME SIDE] -Bootleg-/Spiral / in NO hurry to shout;
ハイスクール [ANIME SIDE] -Bootleg-/スパイラル / in NO hurry to shout;
Catalog Number 1000643196
Release Date Apr 19, 2017

01 ハイスクール [ANIME SIDE] -Bootleg-
TV Anime “The Anonymous Noise” Opening Theme
02 スパイラル (Spiral)
TV Anime “The Anonymous Noise” Insert Song
03 ハイスクール [ANIME SIDE] -Bootleg- (TV Size)
04 ハイスクール [ANIME SIDE] -Bootleg- (Instrumental)
05 スパイラル (Instrumental)

(Track #1 ~ #3) 320kbps


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