Himawari! (ひまわりっ! / Sunflower) is a Japanese anime series created by GoDo, directed by Shigenori Kageyama, and produced by Genco. It was aired on Chiba TV from April 8, 2006 to July 1, 2006 and afterwards got a second season, Himawari!! (ひまわりっ!!, read as Himawari Two).

I truly and honestly enjoy shameless comedic gaggery, and this show has a lot it, and I mean a lot. Also, I’ve never before seen a show that made such a brilliant joke out of the phrase “Oh My God!”. Secondly, the characters, sure they’re stupid, cliché and in every aspect unoriginal, but this is what makes the show fun, because you know they’re all these things and can just sit back and enjoy the idiocy. Also, a plus on this show is that even though it has a romantic element, it doesn’t overplay and shift from comedy to romance/drama like many other shows, which is probably why I liked it so much. Some gags are perhaps used a bit too often and yes, it’s a cheerful and sorrowless anime, but it works well despite this. Well, the plot is weak and unoriginal, it feels like you’re watching a very much improved and distant cousin to Naruto and it’s full of clichés and overused jokes.

However, it also contains moments of (in my experience) high comedic quality and if you start watching it I’ll guarantee one pair of my own boxers that you’ll be hooked, laugh and watch it through ’til the end. It’s a fun, easy-going show, good for a few laughs and only up-tight blockheads with “sophisticated” humor would be able to not crack a smile at this series. In any case, I liked Himawari! and anyone who wants a cheap laugh should probably have a look at it aswell, and if you don’t find it funny then feel free to come on over to my house and beat the living snot out of me with a trout.

[May 10, 2006] Taiyou no Kakera / Guruguru ~himawari version~
[July 05, 2006] Himawari! Original Soundtrack ~ Himawari Oto Emaki
[Jan 24, 2007] Ryoko Shiraishi – Sorairo no Tsubasa
[Feb 07, 2007] Sorairo no Tsubasa / Kira Kira
[Mar 07, 2007] Himawari!! “Kirakira” Character♪song collection
[Apr 11, 2007] Himawari!! Original Soundtrack ~season flowers~

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