Hinako Note
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Hinako Note (ひなこのーと) is a Japanese manga series by Mitsuki. An anime television series adaptation by Passione began airing in April 2017. Hinako lives in the countryside and is poor at speaking. She wants to improve her speech to be able to talk to people fluently, so she moves to Tokyo and plans to join the drama club in high school. When she arrives, however, it turns out her boarding house is a secondhand bookstore, and a beautiful girl who eats books lives there.

[May 10, 2017] Gekidan Hitotose – A-E-I-U-E-O-AO!!
[May 10, 2017] Gekidan Hitotose- Curtain Call!!!!!
[July 26, 2017] Hinako Note Character Song CD 1
[Aug 23, 2017] Hinako Note Character Song CD 2
[Sept 27, 2017] Hinako Note Character Song CD 3
[Oct 25, 2017] Hinako Note Complete Soundtrack CD

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