Hitohira (ひとひら, lit. Petal) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Izumi Kirihara. The story revolves around a shy girl named Mugi Asai who is unsure of what club to join in her school, but before she knows it she gets dragged into the Drama Research Society and becomes a member. An anime adaptation, which aired in Japan between March 28, 2007 and June 13, 2007, contains twelve episodes.

A transfer student Asai Mugi is a painfully shy girl. She is so shy that she can’t speak when she becomes seriously nervous. However, for some reason, she is spotted and recruited as a member of the drama club. Hitohira’s storyline is an interesting subject, parts of it are dazzlingly original while other parts are downright generic and predictable. Whilst the basis of the school drama genre is all too familiar, what actuals happens in Hitohira is a refreshing change, albeit a change still confined by the shackles of the genre. The series explores the theme of self-confidence to marvellous effect. The series has a unique pace to it, most easily identified by the event that usually ends this kind of show not actually being the end of the series. There are a few good twists in the storyline but the main problem is that they’re way too predictable, and easily seen coming by anyone paying attention. Nevertheless the storyline progresses nicely and matches the episode count.

Opening Theme
“Yume, Hitohira” by Yuuko Asami
Ending Theme
“Smile” by Mai Mizuhashi
Hitohira OP & ED
Hitohira Original Drama & BGM: Mugi Asai
Hitohira Original Drama & BGM: Nono Ichinose


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