Hunter x Hunter Phantom Rouge Original Soundtrack

Description: Hunter X Hunter Phantom Rouge Original Soundtrack (by Yoshihisa Hirano)
Original Title: 「劇場版HUNTER×HUNTER緋色の幻影(ファントム・ルージュ)」オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Released: January 09, 2013
Catalog No. VPCG-84935
File Size: 100 MB (320kbps+BK+log)
Password: Musica_MaGiC

Track List:
01. Assassins on the Building
02. Presentiment
03. The Red-Eyed Monster
04. REASON ~Title Back
05. The Emperor’s Time
06. The Puppeteer
07. To Give a Marionette Life
08. 野の春      
09. Escaping from the Wood
10. In front of the Old Mansion
11. Unasked Advice
12. The Copied Spiders
13. Master of lai
14. 猛者どもの睥睨
15. Intermezzo
16. Sitting at a Table
17. 流れ星☆キラリ ~Version for orchestra
18. In a Boutique
19. Something Would Happen
20. Don’t Make Me Mad!
21. Way to the Town
22. 迷妄
23. You’ve Gotta Move on
24. 流れ星☆キラリ ~Version for piano and strings
25. Confrontation
26. 走れ!
27. 流れ星☆キラリ ~Instrumental
28. REASON ~Instrumental

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