THE [email protected] Vol. 1 Bonus CD

THE [email protected] PERFECT IDOL 01 is an accompaniment with the purchase of TV Anime ‘THE [email protected]’ Blu-Ray 01. This CD contains a new song and 3 songs rearranged into a JAZZ remix.
アイドルマスター 1 ボーカルCD「PERFECT IDOL 01」
Catalog Number ANZB-6802
Release Date Oct 27, 2011

Track List
01. I’m so free! (sung by: Miki Hoshii, Azusa Miura, Takane Shijou)
02. relations -JAZZ Rearrange Mix- (sung by: Miki Hoshii)
03. Tonari ni… -JAZZ Rearrange Mix- (sung by: Azusa Miura)
04. Kimi wa Melody -JAZZ Rearrange Mix- (sung by: Takane Shijou)
File Size: 49 MB (320kbps)


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