「DOS ANGELES」 is the second album release from pop/rock singer.songwriter Inoue Joe. The name of this album probably is a play word from Los Angeles – the prideful hometown of him. Moreover, the word “dos” has another meaning. It’s “two” in Spanish. Include OP #4 of anime Naruto Shippuden in English Version.
Release Date: 2010.10.06
Catalog Number: KSCL-1642

1. Can you hear me?
2. Kaze no Gotoku -B.B.B. ver.-
4. ふたりでひとり / The Journey
5. ANIMAL feat. Yoko Yazawa
6. キミゴコロ [Kimi Gokoro]
7. LIGHTS -Album Ver.-
8. GO★ -Album Ver.-
9. CLOSER -English Ver.-
10. ハロハログッバイ [Halo Halo Goodbye]


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